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Champions League Match Attax 2019/20

Match Attax Champions League 2019/2020

Release throughout Europe, this collection of Match Attax trading cards concentrates on the Champions League, but also included Europa League clubs from Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
Over half of this 640+ card collection are different crads to those released in the UK and included special Pro Performance cards unique to this colelction.

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Bundesliga Match Attax 2019/20

Bundesliga Match Attax 2019/2020

The new collection of Bundesliga Match Attax cards have been released. The 2019/20 Bundesliga Match Attax collection from Germany features Matchwinners, Star Players, National Players and cards from 2.Bundesliga teams.
Also, included are the Match Attax Action releases and limited on-demand cards.

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Match Attax 2019/20

Match Attax 2020

The 2019/20 Season of Match Attax have been released.
This exciting line-up includes clubs from the two main UEFA club competitions. 23 sides from accross the Champions League and Europa League are included in the collection of over 440 cards. Special cards include new 100 Club, Record Holders, Centurions, Hat-Tick Heroes, Club Legends and Limited Editions.
Also included are five special collections of Super Boost Strikers, Wonderkids Game Changes, Super Squad and World Class Superstars.

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Match Attax Scotland 2019/20

Match Attax SPFL 2020

The Scottish Professional Football League Match Attax cards for 2020 have been released. This Match Attax collection features cards from all the SPFL Premiership and Championship.
The full set consists of 376 cards, including special Limited Editions, 100 Club, Man of the Match and Legend cards.

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Season 2019/2020

Bundesliga Match Attax Extra 2020 Match Attax Extra 2020 Champions League Match Attax 2019/20 Match Attax 2019/20 Bundesliga Match Attax 2019/20 Scottish Match Attax 2019/20


Season 2018/2019

Match Attax 101 (2019) Match Attax On-Demand 2019 Match Attax Extra 2019 Match Attax 2018/19 Champions League MA On-Demand 2019 Champions League Match Attax Extra 2019 Champions League Match Attax 2018/19 Bundesliga Match Attax Extra 2019 Bundesliga Match Attax 2018/19 SPFL 2018/19


Season 2017/2018

Match Attax Extra 2018 Match Attax 2017/18 Champions League Match Attax 2017/18 Bundesliga Match Attax Extra 2018 Bundesliga Match Attax 2017/18


Season 2016/2017

Match Attax Extra 2017 Match Attax 2016/17 Champions League Match Attax 2016/17 Bundesliga Match Attax Extra 2017 Bundesliga Match Attax 2016/17


Season 2015/2016

Match Attax Extra 2016 Match Attax 2015/16 Champions League Match Attax 2015/16 Bundesliga Match Attax Extra 2016 Bundesliga Match Attax 2015/16


Season 2014/2015

Match Attax Extra 2015 Match Attax 2014/15 Bundesliga Match Attax Extra 2015 Bundesliga Match Attax 2014/15


Season 2013/2014

Match Attax Extra 2014 Match Attax 2013/14 Bundesliga Match Attax Extra 2014 Bundesliga Match Attax 2013/14 Match Attax England 2014


Season 2012/2013

Match Attax Extra 2013 Match Attax 2012/13


Season 2011/2012

Match Attax Extra 2012 Match Attax 2011/12 Match Attax England 2012


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