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Miniatures Series 17

The exciting news from Japan that a second Legends series of Microstars released has now been ended with the apparent demise of Japanese retailer Foot Circle. The Miniatures Series 17 was to have included superstars like George Weah, Zvonimir Boban, Matthias Sammer, Robert Prosinecki, Gabriel Batistuta & Dino Zoff.

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Miniatures Series 14

Miniatures Series 14Japanese Miniatures Series 14 is a duplicate release of the recent Germany Series 2 with all figures released in sealed sachet format. It includes the away kit specials from the German Powershot and Superclub game.


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Miniatures Series 13

Miniatures Series 13Following hot on the heels of Miniatures 12 is Miniatures Series 13. All the figures in this release were origially released in the first German series, but are available in the usual Japanese Miniatures format of sealed sachets.


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Miniatures Series 12

Miniatures Series 12Half the set is made up of figures from Microstars Series 13, while the remainder has such stars as Lionel Messi (Barcelona), South Korea Sung Ji Park (Manchester United), Thierry Henry (Arsenal), Michael Essien (Chelsea), Andriy Shevchenko (Milan) and Luis Figo (Inter).

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