Japan Miniatures Coca-Cola World Cup 2004

Paolo Maldini  AC Milan Home
Paolo Maldini   AC Milan Home SachetLoose
CCWC01-Out of stock
Junichi Inamoto  Arsenal Home
Junichi Inamoto   Arsenal Home SachetLoose
CCWC02-Out of stock
Thierry Henry  Arsenal Home
Thierry Henry   Arsenal Home SachetLoose
CCWC03-Out of stock
Patrick Vieira  Arsenal Home
Patrick Vieira   Arsenal Home SachetLoose
CCWC04-Out of stock
David Seaman  Arsenal Home
David Seaman   Arsenal Home SachetLoose
CCWC05-Out of stock
Paolo Montero  Juventus Home
Paolo Montero   Juventus Home SachetLoose
CCWC06-Out of stock
Rivaldo  Barcelona Home
Rivaldo   Barcelona Home SachetLoose
CCWC07-Out of stock
Javier Saviola  Barcelona Home
Javier Saviola   Barcelona Home SachetLoose
CCWC08-Out of stock
Luis Enrique  Barcelona Home
Luis Enrique   Barcelona Home SachetLoose
CCWC09-Out of stock
Ronaldo  Internazionale Home
Ronaldo   Internazionale Home SachetLoose
CCWC10-Out of stock
Christian Vieri  Internazionale Home
Christian Vieri   Internazionale Home SachetLoose
CCWC11-Out of stock
Francesco Toldo  Internazionale Home
Francesco Toldo   Internazionale Home SachetLoose
CCWC12-Out of stock
Javier Zanetti  Internazionale Home
Javier Zanetti   Internazionale Home SachetLoose
CCWC13-Out of stock
Alen Boksic  Middlesbrough Home
Alen Boksic   Middlesbrough Home SachetLoose
Shinji Ono  Coca-Cola Home
Shinji Ono   Coca-Cola Home SachetLoose
CCWC15-Out of stock
Francesco Totti  Roma Home
Francesco Totti   Roma Home SachetLoose
CCWC16-Out of stock
Vincent Candela  Roma Home
Vincent Candela   Roma Home SachetLoose
CCWC17-Out of stock
Cafu  Roma Home
Cafu   Roma Home SachetLoose
CCWC18-Out of stock
Fabio Cannavaro  Parma Home
Fabio Cannavaro   Parma Home SachetLoose
CCWC19-Out of stock
Henrik Larsson  Celtic Home
Henrik Larsson   Celtic Home SachetLoose
CCWC20-Out of stock


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