Match Attax Extra 2016 Rising Stars Cards

Joshua KingJoshua King
Rising Star
AFC Bournemouth Forward
Defence: 31 / Attack: 69
Card Number: R01
Hector BellerinHector Bellerin
Rising Star
Arsenal Defender
Defence: 79 / Attack: 56
Card Number: R02
Jack GrealishJack Grealish
Rising Star
Aston Villa Midfielder
Defence: 35 / Attack: 74
Card Number: R03
Kurt ZoumaKurt Zouma
Rising Star
Chelsea Defender
Defence: 83 / Attack: 42
Card Number: R04
Connor WickhamConnor Wickham
Rising Star
Crystal Palace Forward
Defence: 38 / Attack: 73
Card Number: R05
Brendan GallowayBrendan Galloway
Rising Star
Everton Defender
Defence: 71 / Attack: 65
Card Number: R06
Jeff SchluppJeff Schlupp
Rising Star
Leicester City Midfielder
Defence: 60 / Attack: 73
Card Number: R07
Jordan IbeJordan Ibe
Rising Star
Liverpool Midfielder
Defence: 40 / Attack: 72
Card Number: R08
Kelechi IheanachoKelechi Iheanacho
Rising Star
Manchester City Forward
Defence: 32 / Attack: 72
Card Number: R09
Anthony MartialAnthony Martial
Rising Star
Manchester United Forward
Defence: 30 / Attack: 86
Card Number: R10
Chancel MbembaChancel Mbemba
Rising Star
Newcastle United Defender
Defence: 73 / Attack: 49
Card Number: R11
Nathan RedmondNathan Redmond
Rising Star
Norwich City Midfielder
Defence: 39 / Attack: 77
Card Number: R12
James Ward-ProwseJames Ward-Prowse
Rising Star
Southampton Midfielder
Defence: 69 / Attack: 76
Card Number: R13
Marc MuniesaMarc Muniesa
Rising Star
Stoke City Defender
Defence: 72 / Attack: 29
Card Number: R14
Duncan WatmoreDuncan Watmore
Rising Star
Sunderland Forward
Defence: 37 / Attack: 71
Card Number: R15
Modou BarrowModou Barrow
Rising Star
Swansea City Forward
Defence: 41 / Attack: 64
Card Number: R16
Dele AlliDele Alli
Rising Star
Tottenham Hotspur Midfielder
Defence: 54 / Attack: 72
Card Number: R17
Nathan AkeNathan Ake
Rising Star
Watford Defender
Defence: 67 / Attack: 52
Card Number: R18
Callum McManamanCallum McManaman
Rising Star
West Bromwich Albion Midfielder
Defence: 39 / Attack: 72
Card Number: R19
Manuel LanziniManuel Lanzini
Rising Star
West Ham United Midfielder
Defence: 37 / Attack: 71
Card Number: R20


Match Attax Extra 2016 Rising Stars

Limited Edition 100 Club Man Of The Match Hat Trick Heroes Magic Moments Extra Boosts Managers New Signings Rising Stars AFC Bournemouth Arsenal Aston Villa Chelsea Crystal Palace Everton Leicester City Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Newcastle United Norwich City Southampton Stoke City Sunderland Swansea City Tottenham Hotspur Watford West Bromwich Albion West Ham United


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