Match Attax Euro 2024 Chrome Shield Cards

Marcel SabitzerMarcel Sabitzer
Chrome Shield
Austria Midfielder
Card Number: SC1
 Maximum 1 card per customer (?)
Mateo KovacicMateo Kovacic
Chrome Shield
Croatia Midfielder
Card Number: SC2
 Maximum 1 card per customer (?)
Adrien RabiotAdrien Rabiot
Chrome Shield
France Midfielder
Card Number: SC3
 Maximum 1 card per customer (?)
Federico DimarcoFederico Dimarco
Chrome Shield
Italy Defender
Card Number: SC4
 Maximum 1 card per customer (?)
Frenkie de JongFrenkie de Jong
Chrome Shield
Netherlands Midfielder
Card Number: SC5
 Maximum 1 card per customer (?)
Bruno FernandesBruno Fernandes
Chrome Shield
Portugal Midfielder
Card Number: SC6
 Maximum 1 card per customer (?)
Andy RobertsonAndy Robertson
Chrome Shield
Scotland Defender
Card Number: SC7
Out of stock
Dani OlmoDani Olmo
Chrome Shield
Spain Forward
Card Number: SC8
 Maximum 1 card per customer (?)
Yann SommerYann Sommer
Chrome Shield
Switzerland Goalkeeper
Card Number: SC9
 Maximum 1 card per customer (?)



Match Attax Euro 2024 Chrome Shield

Career Celebration Golden Treasure Black Mirror Limited 100 Club Limited Blue Ice Limited Gold Rush Limited Classic Celebration Limited Ultimate Stage Limited Limited Edition Centre Stage Limited Golden Glory Premium Pro Challenger Legend One To Watch Breakthrough Baller Black Edge Chrome Shield Energy Centurion Golden Goalscorer Legend Signature Style Ultimate XI Blue Crystal Parallel Green Emerald Parallel Purple Sapphire Parallel Tactic Albania Austria Belgium Croatia Czechia Denmark England France Georgia Germany Hungary Italy Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Scotland Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Switzerland Turkiye Ukraine


Season 2023/2024

Match Attax Euro 2024 Match Attax Extra 2024 Match Attax 2023/24


Season 2022/2023

Bundesliga MA Extra 23 Match Attax Extra 2023 MA Update 2022/23 Bundesliga MA 2022/23 Match Attax 2022/23


Season 2021/2022

Match Attax 101 (2022) Match Attax Extra 2022 Bundesliga MA 2021/22 MA Update 2021/22 Match Attax 2021/22


Season 2020/2021

Match Attax 101 (2021) Bundesliga MA Extra 21 Match Attax Extra 2021 Bundesliga MA 2020/21 Match Attax 2020/21


Season 2019/2020

Match Attax 101 (2020) Bundesliga MA Extra 20 Match Attax Extra 2020 UCL MA 2019/20 Match Attax 2019/20 Bundesliga MA 2019/20 Scottish MA 2019/20


Season 2018/2019

Match Attax 101 (2019) MA On-Demand 2019 Match Attax Extra 2019 Match Attax 2018/19 UCL MA On-Demand 19 UCL MA Extra 2019 UCL MA 2018/19 Bundesliga MA Extra 19 Bundesliga MA 2018/19 Scottish MA 2018/19


Season 2017/2018

Match Attax Extra 2018 Match Attax 2017/18 UCL MA 2017/18 Bundesliga MA Extra 18 Bundesliga MA 2017/18


Season 2016/2017

Match Attax Extra 2017 Match Attax 2016/17 UCL MA 2016/17 Bundesliga MA Extra 17 Bundesliga MA 2016/17


Season 2015/2016

Match Attax Extra 2016 Match Attax 2015/16 UCL MA 2015/16 Bundesliga MA Extra 16 Bundesliga MA 2015/16


Season 2014/2015

Match Attax Extra 2015 Match Attax 2014/15 Bundesliga MA Extra 15 Bundesliga MA 2014/15


Season 2013/2014

Match Attax Extra 2014 Match Attax 2013/14 Bundesliga MA Extra 14 Bundesliga MA 2013/14 MA England 2014


Season 2012/2013

Match Attax Extra 2013 Match Attax 2012/13


Season 2011/2012

Match Attax Extra 2012 Match Attax 2011/12 MA England 2012


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