FT Champs Nano Series 2

Joe Cole Chelsea Home
FT Champs Joe Cole Chelsea Home SachetLoose
FT032Out of stock-
Didier Drogba Chelsea Home
FT Champs Didier Drogba Chelsea Home SachetLoose
FT033Out of stock-
FT052Out of stock-
Petr Cech Chelsea Home GK
FT Champs Petr Cech Chelsea Home GK SachetLoose
FT034Out of stock-
Frank Lampard Chelsea Home
FT Champs Frank Lampard Chelsea Home SachetLoose
FT035Out of stock-
FT053Out of stock-
John Terry Chelsea Home
FT Champs John Terry Chelsea Home SachetLoose
FT036Out of stock-
Sergio Ramos Real Madrid Home
FT Champs Sergio Ramos Real Madrid Home SachetLoose
FT037Out of stock-
Dimitar Berbatov Manchester United Home
FT Champs Dimitar Berbatov Manchester United Home SachetLoose
FT038Out of stock-
FT054Out of stock-
Nemanja Vidic Manchester United Home
FT Champs Nemanja Vidic Manchester United Home SachetLoose
FT039Out of stock-
Wayne Rooney Manchester United Away
FT Champs Wayne Rooney Manchester United Away SachetLoose
FT040Out of stock-
Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United Away
FT Champs Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United Away SachetLoose
FT041Out of stock-
Samuel Etoo Barcelona Home
FT Champs Samuel Etoo Barcelona Home SachetLoose
FT042Out of stock-
Bojan Krkic Barcelona Home
FT Champs Bojan Krkic Barcelona Home SachetLoose
FT043Out of stock-
David Villa Valencia Home
FT Champs David Villa Valencia Home SachetLoose
FT044Out of stock-
Pepe Reina Liverpool Away GK
FT Champs Pepe Reina Liverpool Away GK SachetLoose
FT045Out of stock-
Dirk Kyut Liverpool Away
FT Champs Dirk Kyut Liverpool Away SachetLoose
FT046Out of stock-
Fernando Torres Liverpool Away
FT Champs Fernando Torres Liverpool Away SachetLoose
FT047Out of stock-
Steven Gerrard Liverpool Away
FT Champs Steven Gerrard Liverpool Away SachetLoose
FT048Out of stock-
FT055Out of stock-
Theo Walcott Arsenal Home
FT Champs Theo Walcott Arsenal Home SachetLoose
FT049Out of stock-
Cesc Fabregas Arsenal Away
FT Champs Cesc Fabregas Arsenal Away SachetLoose
FT050Out of stock-
Robin Van Persie Arsenal Away
FT Champs Robin Van Persie Arsenal Away SachetLoose
FT051Out of stock-


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