Champions League Match Attax 2020 Man Of The Match Cards

Remo FreulerRemo Freuler
Man of the Match
Atalanta Midfielder
Defence: 84 / Attack: 73
Card Number: M ATA
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Man of the Match
Atletico Madrid Midfielder
Defence: 73 / Attack: 88
Card Number: M ATL
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Frenkie de JongFrenkie de Jong
Man of the Match
Barcelona Midfielder
Defence: 83 / Attack: 92
Card Number: M BAR
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Sergi GnabrySergi Gnabry
Man of the Match
Bayern Munich Midfielder
Defence: 55 / Attack: 91
Card Number: M BAY
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Rafa SilvaRafa Silva
Man of the Match
Benfica Midfielder
Defence: 45 / Attack: 84
Card Number: M BEN
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Cesar AzpilicuetaCesar Azpilicueta
Man of the Match
Chelsea Defender
Defence: 95 / Attack: 53
Card Number: M CHE
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Manuel AkanjiManuel Akanji
Man of the Match
Borussia Dortmund Defender
Defence: 88 / Attack: 37
Card Number: M DOR
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Didac VilaDidac Vila
Man of the Match
Espanyol Defender
Defence: 76 / Attack: 58
Card Number: M ESP
Out of stock
Ally Mbwana SamattaAlly Mbwana Samatta
Man of the Match
Genk Forward
Defence: 43 / Attack: 79
Card Number: M GEN
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Jaime MataJaime Mata
Man of the Match
Getafe Forward
Defence: 41 / Attack: 78
Card Number: M GET
Out of stock
Romelu LukakuRomelu Lukaku
Man of the Match
Internazionale Forward
Defence: 36 / Attack: 90
Card Number: M INT
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Aaron RamseyAaron Ramsey
Man of the Match
Juventus Midfielder
Defence: 77 / Attack: 89
Card Number: M JUV
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Marco ParoloMarco Parolo
Man of the Match
Lazio Midfielder
Defence: 83 / Attack: 64
Card Number: M LAZ
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Emil ForsbergEmil Forsberg
Man of the Match
RB Leipzig Forward
Defence: 37 / Attack: 83
Card Number: M LEI
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Kerem DemirbayKerem Demirbay
Man of the Match
Bayer Leverkusen Midfielder
Defence: 41 / Attack: 84
Card Number: M LEV
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Man of the Match
Lille Midfielder
Defence: 77 / Attack: 69
Card Number: M LIL
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Man of the Match
Liverpool Midfielder
Defence: 95 / Attack: 76
Card Number: M LIV
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Kevin De BruyneKevin De Bruyne
Man of the Match
Manchester City Midfielder
Defence: 69 / Attack: 95
Card Number: M MCY
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Man of the Match
Napoli Midfielder
Defence: 92 / Attack: 77
Card Number: M NAP
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Alex TellesAlex Telles
Man of the Match
Porto Defender
Defence: 84 / Attack: 74
Card Number: M POR
Out of stock
Angel Di MariaAngel Di Maria
Man of the Match
Paris St Germain Midfielder
Defence: 66 / Attack: 89
Card Number: M PSG
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Raphael VaraneRaphael Varane
Man of the Match
Real Madrid Defender
Defence: 99 / Attack: 47
Card Number: M REA
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Justin KluivertJustin Kluivert
Man of the Match
Roma Forward
Defence: 38 / Attack: 79
Card Number: M ROM
Out of stock
Rony LopesRony Lopes
Man of the Match
Sevilla Midfielder
Defence: 37 / Attack: 83
Card Number: M SEV
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Armando IzzoArmando Izzo
Man of the Match
Torino Defender
Defence: 83 / Attack: 42
Card Number: M TOR
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Harry WinksHarry Winks
Man of the Match
Tottenham Hotspur Midfielder
Defence: 77 / Attack: 76
Card Number: M TOT
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Jasper CillessenJasper Cillessen
Man of the Match
Valencia Goalkeeper
Defence: 90 / Attack: 10
Card Number: M VAL
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)


Champions League Match Attax 2020 Man Of The Match

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