Champions League Match Attax 2018
Man Of The Match Cards

Luka ModricLuka Modric
Man of the Match
Real Madrid Midfielder
Defence: 87 / Attack: 95
Card Number: 397
Ivan RakiticIvan Rakitic
Man of the Match
Barcelona Midfielder
Defence: 75 / Attack: 92
Card Number: 398
Out of stock
Diego GodinDiego Godin
Man of the Match
Atletico Madrid Defender
Defence: 98 / Attack: 52
Card Number: 399
Thiago AlcantaraThiago Alcantara
Man of the Match
Bayern Munich Midfielder
Defence: 85 / Attack: 92
Card Number: 400
Naby KeitaNaby Keita
Man of the Match
RB Leipzig Midfielder
Defence: 89 / Attack: 81
Card Number: 401
Out of stock
Pierre-Emerick AubameyangPierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Man of the Match
Borussia Dortmund Forward
Defence: 37 / Attack: 96
Card Number: 402
Thibaut CourtoisThibaut Courtois
Man of the Match
Chelsea Goalkeeper
Defence: 98 / Attack: 6
Card Number: 403
Mousa DembeleMousa Dembele
Man of the Match
Tottenham Hotspur Midfielder
Defence: 88 / Attack: 82
Card Number: 404
David De GeaDavid De Gea
Man of the Match
Manchester United Goalkeeper
Defence: 99 / Attack: 7
Card Number: 405
Out of stock
Kyle WalkerKyle Walker
Man of the Match
Manchester City Defender
Defence: 89 / Attack: 72
Card Number: 406
Sadio ManeSadio Mane
Man of the Match
Liverpool Forward
Defence: 50 / Attack: 92
Card Number: 407
Out of stock
Man of the Match
Benfica Midfielder
Defence: 50 / Attack: 80
Card Number: 408
Man of the Match
Porto Midfielder
Defence: 86 / Attack: 70
Card Number: 409
Out of stock
Djibril SidibeDjibril Sidibe
Man of the Match
AS Monaco Defender
Defence: 89 / Attack: 68
Card Number: 410
Marco VerrattiMarco Verratti
Man of the Match
Paris Saint-Germain Midfielder
Defence: 93 / Attack: 82
Card Number: 411
Henry OnyekuruHenry Onyekuru
Man of the Match
Anderlecht Forward
Defence: 33 / Attack: 77
Card Number: 412
William KvistWilliam Kvist
Man of the Match
FC Copenhagen Midfielder
Defence: 76 / Attack: 54
Card Number: 413
Out of stock
Ricky van WolfswinkelRicky van Wolfswinkel
Man of the Match
Basel Forward
Defence: 31 / Attack: 74
Card Number: 414
Ricardo QuaresmaRicardo Quaresma
Man of the Match
Besiktas Midfielder
Defence: 24 / Attack: 81
Card Number: 415
Jens ToornstraJens Toornstra
Man of the Match
Feyenoord Midfielder
Defence: 48 / Attack: 82
Card Number: 416
Out of stock
Miralem PjanicMiralem Pjanic
Man of the Match
Juventus Midfielder
Defence: 68 / Attack: 92
Card Number: 417
Radja NainggolanRadja Nainggolan
Man of the Match
AS Roma Midfielder
Defence: 88 / Attack: 83
Card Number: 418


Champions League Match Attax 2018
Man Of The Match

Limited Edition Pro 11 UCL 100 Club UCL All Star XI Hat Trick Hero Man Of The Match Club Hero Game Changer New Signing Super Striker Duo Defensive Dynamo Hot Shot Nordic Exclusive Club Badge Real Madrid Barcelona Atletico Madrid Bayern Munich RB Leipzig Borussia Dortmund Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur Manchester United Manchester City Liverpool Benfica Porto AS Monaco Paris Saint-Germain Anderlecht FC Copenhagen Basel Besiktas Feyenoord Juventus AS Roma


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