Adrenalyn XL Premier League 2022
Game Breaker Cards

Yves BissoumaYves Bissouma
Game Breakers
Brighton And Hove Albion Midfielder
Card Number: 388
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Game Breakers
Everton Midfielder
Card Number: 389
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Kalvin PhillipsKalvin Phillips
Game Breakers
Leeds United Midfielder
Card Number: 390
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Jordan HendersonJordan Henderson
Game Breakers
Liverpool Midfielder
Card Number: 391
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Scott McTominayScott McTominay
Game Breakers
Manchester United Midfielder
Card Number: 392
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Jonjo ShelveyJonjo Shelvey
Game Breakers
Newcastle United Midfielder
Card Number: 393
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Jan BednarekJan Bednarek
Game Breakers
Southampton Defender
Card Number: 394
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Moussa SissokoMoussa Sissoko
Game Breakers
Tottenham Hotspur Midfielder
Card Number: 395
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)
Declan RiceDeclan Rice
Game Breakers
West Ham United Midfielder
Card Number: 396
 Maximum 2 cards per customer (?)



Star Signings Update Limited Edition Invincible/Trophy Golden Baller Elite Hero Fire Ice Top Keeper Defensive Rock Game Breaker Diamond Lightning Club Crest Team Line Up Arsenal Aston Villa Brentford Brighton and Hove Albion Burnley Chelsea Crystal Palace Everton Leeds United Leicester City Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Newcastle United Norwich City Southampton Tottenham Hotspur Watford West Ham United Wolverhampton Wanderers


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