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Pavel Nedved - Czech Republic MicrostarCorinthian Microstars are small (2" high) collectable football figurines produced by Corinthian Marketing plc. These soccer figures are highly collectable as well as being part of a game.

The first Corinthian Microstars were released in February 2001. Working with Magna Confectionary, the Microstars figures were only available inside the hollow chocolate Powerpodz and soon became a firm favourite with young and old.

Recently, the Powerpodz have been replaced with small foil wrapped chocolate Footballz.

A rating system was introduced on the bases of Microstars figures to allow them to be used to play the Microstars football game. This game has developed since its introduction and now the Microstars World Club League has a prize tournament at the annual Corinthian Convention - where the winner gets to be immortalised as a Microstars figure.

Each Microstars figure is released in varying base colours with the game ratings being higher on the rarer base colours. Thus the rarer silver and gold base Microstars are especially collectable. Limited edition away kit and International Microstars are also highly sort after.

Starting with the October 2005 series, new Black base figures have been made available. These figures have even higher ratings and will become the most wanted Microstars for both the collector and World Club league game player.

In 2002 Corinthian started the Microstars Collector's Club and members receive special limited edition Gold base figures. Other special edition Microstars have been produced in conjunction with the Microstars Microdome, SuperClub game and in limited edition multi-packs.

The main downside of the Corinthian Microstars range is you do not know what player you will get when you buy them. Here at Corinthian Seller, we sell Corinthian Microstars figures individually, so you can get the ones you need right away.

Corinthian Microstars

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