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Italy Series 4 - OUT NOW

Italy Microstars Series 4 was released in early March 2011. Containing 21 figures, the series is now available for purchase here at Corinthian Seller. All figures are sold blind in Italy in a sealed foil bag and are therefore available only as mint loose Microstars and not in sealed sachets. Prices in Italy are roughly 350% higher than in the UK and unfortunately this means these Microstars are priced higher than usual here.

Italy Series 4 Microstars

New Microstars in this release include, Alexandre Pato, Marco Borriello, Diego Milito, Wesley Sneijder, Roberto Cavani & David Villa. Along with some top stars from Series A and throughout Europe.

The full list of figures in Italy Microstars Series 4 can be seen here.



Microstars World Stars (UK Series 19)

Corinthian Microstars Series 19

The nineteenth Series of Microstars celebrates the World Stars who appeared in World Cup 2010, this release has 40 players in the line-up with many brand new sculptures. The return of Barcelona players to this series is great news and there are many players represented - Messi, Xavi, Ineista, Toure, Henry, Alves & Marquez. Also, putting in their first Microstars appearances are Bendtner, Santa Cruz, Piennar and Aquilani.

Microstars Series 19 also sees the product released for the first time in the UK without confectionary. This means there are mint loose figures (which we place into a protective resealable bag) alongside the regular clear sachet figures.

The full listing can be see in our dedicated Microstars Series 19 - World Stars page : Click here to see them all.



Microdome 2010

Also, a new Microdome was released in May 2010. There are 16 new Microstars in the Microdomw with all seven base colours available for each player. Each Microdome will include 2 black bases.

Microdome 2010

The full list of figures in Microstars Microdome 2010 can be seen here.

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